Cost of a website the Swiss Watch Analogy

Just as a Swiss watch can vary greatly in price based on the craftsmanship, materials, and brand prestige, the cost of building a website also varies significantly. A basic website might be akin to a reliable, no-frills watch—it tells time effectively and meets essential needs. On the other hand, a high-end custom website is like a luxury Swiss watch, featuring bespoke design elements, advanced functionalities, and superior performance optimizations that elevate the brand and user experience. Both serve the same fundamental purpose, but the investment in quality, detail, and customization is what sets them apart and justifies the price difference.

Cost of a website the Swiss Watch Analogy

Pricing plans

Flat monthly seat

Our Monthly Seat Plan offers unparalleled flexibility, perfectly suited for both short and long-term projects with evolving objectives. Clients can select from full, half, or quarter seats based on their specific requirements. This plan provides access to a diverse pool of over 20 types of professionals—from User Experience specialists and database engineers to DevOps, Branding experts, and data analysts. Each client benefits from a dedicated project manager who serves as the single point of contact, overseeing all aspects of the project, assigning tasks, and ensuring that the right expertise is dynamically allocated as needed. This agile approach promotes seamless adjustments to project scopes, maximizing adaptability without additional costs, and freeing clients from the complexities of direct team management. It’s the ideal solution for projects requiring iterative exploration and continuous development.

Seat options

from $20K/month

full seat

from $15K/month

half seat

from $7.5K/month

quarter seat

from $2.5K/month

maintenance plan

Project Based

Our Project-Based Pricing plan is designed for projects with well-defined scopes and deliverables. After a thorough consultation, we provide a detailed estimate that outlines clear deliverables, timelines, and fixed pricing. This plan is suitable for clients looking for predictability in both budget and schedule. It allows teams to focus tightly on specific goals, delivering tangible outcomes efficiently and effectively. This option is ideal for clients who have precise objectives and deadlines.

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